No one ever had thought that we would be celebrating Christmas in the midst of a pandemic, but yet here we are. This year, things are a little different; we will celebrate holiday seasons with close one or limited people. We will try to avoid stepping out for Christmas shopping and choosing to buy online.

Are you thinking what to gift your close one or friends this Christmas season? Finding the perfect gift around the holiday season can be tedious and stressful for many of us. Is it the color they want? Is it the right size? Is it something they already have? But you can send them some kind of desserts, macarons, or Christmas log or something that will never go out of style and your friends and family can never have too much of. Gifting the delicious authentic French macarons is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face during this holiday season. With many online cake stores, it is easy to purchase macarons and other desserts online quickly.

Online cake delivery system help you customize your order and choose exactly what fits best for this holiday seasons and special events. If you’re stuck at home or feeling risky to step out during covid-19 pandemic, you can surely check out some rich and classic cakes, macarons, and savory pastry on any online cake store and get the delivery safely to your door.

Here, we have shared some of festive deserts you can order for this Christmas season.

Le Paradis
This desert is ideal for chocolate lovers. When the power of a grand cru chocolate meets the softness, it is the great French pastry that expresses itself in the mouth. Enjoy real chocolate experience, combining the finesse of chocolate and smoothness on melting cookies and double chocolate macaroons.

Quiche Salmon Spinach

Feeling hungry? Want to order something delicious for Christmas Party? Quiche salmon spinach is soft and generous savory pastry and is accompanied by a delicious mixture of silver salmon, spinach and cherry tomatoes. This quiche savory pastry will seduce and melt all those who seek the authentic flavor of salmon.

Tarte Chocolat Cake
Another chocolate French dessert, that is superb delicious and delightful. On a crispy sweet pastry filled with creamy, topped with chocolate and topped with an intensely rich chocolaty ganache. Ideal for chocolate lovers and can be served with tea, coffee or a glass of Maury wine.

French macarons are a meringue-based dessert made from egg whites, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, almond flour and food coloring. You can order macarons online in different flavors, such as apricot, salted caramel, vanilla, lemon, etc. and can enjoy the holiday seasons with your family and friends.

This dessert has a rich flavor and color, and invites to join the "Italian" party. On a "joconde" pistachio biscuit filled with apricot muslin cream and strawberry jelly on top, you can enjoy all summer fruits with a perfect flavor. If you are a sweet fruit lover, you can order this dessert online.

Tarte Abricot
Tarte Abricot is a traditional French sweet pastry. The crisp pastry is covered with almond cream and sunny apricots until caramelized. This cake is rich in flavor and delicious, you will love it.

Caramelo Cake
This dessert invites you to the pleasures of autumn with its sweetness, softness and flavor. On a melting chocolate cookie filled with soft caramel Bavarian cream, topped with an almond and pear roasted caramel dacquoise cookie.

Bûche Sous-bois
This Christmas log is soft bark surrounded with a caramel mousseline and roasted pears on a chocolate cookie. The look and appearance of this log is inspired by a forest atmosphere.

Need something sweet and delicious to end your holiday meal? Order Pavlova, this Christmas log is light and crispy meringue shells filled with raspberry jelly, Madagascar vanilla diplomat cream, whipped cream and red berries.

While ordering cake online, you must opt for contactless delivery options in order to maintain social distancing and avoid being exposed to the food delivery boy. Look for cake or bakery stores that are offering the contactless delivery option to limit contact between food delivery persons and customers. Do not order from stores that do not follow safety guidelines while baking and delivering orders during this coronavirus pandemic.