Like everything else, the holiday season is also affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Hosting Christmas party and other festive this year has been no small feat and the biggest party season is around the corner. The Centers for Disease Control has officially suggested minimizing the social gatherings, especially for the holidays, due to health and safety concerns. If you’re planning to throw a Christmas party, follow the recommendations and guidelines by the CDCs during for Christmas celebration during COVID-19.

From outdoor holiday party ideas to social distancing guidelines, check the CDCs’ official websites for Christmas parties guidelines during COVID-19 and make your own Christmas party as safe (and special) as possible.

Christmas During Corona Pandemic
Although this year’s Christmas will definitely be different, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas during Covid. The key to safe and healthy COVID-19 Christmas plans is to make them as private as possible. Although CDC currently does not limit or recommend the number of guests allowed by each party, but the fewer people you invite, the lesser risk you pose for you to guests. Of course, this means crowded indoor gatherings like Christmas party are impossible. But a small family dinner party is doable! Although you will invite a smaller group of guests, sending COVID-19 Christmas invitations online will make this holiday feel special.

In a year of the unexpected, one thing is the best we can expect, you can order everything online. Ordering Christmas meals, desserts, and festive treats online at your home is the ideal choice to celebrate with friends and family safely. You can also send Christmas gifts online to your love ones or friends and can surprise them. Thanks to technology, buying gifts and sweets has become easier with online ordering. With just a few taps, you can order whatever you want to eat with no hassle of cooking or baking and can enjoy Christmas Eve with your friends and families at home. Find a reliable French bakery store to order cakes, desserts and confectionery items online.

Here, we have listed few tips you can follow at the time of celebrating Christmas during Covid-19.

  • Food safety is one of the most important parts of this year Christmas preparations. You can still join the family gathering with some small adjustments and proceed safely! Make sure that the bakery store you choose to order cakes or desserts follows the safety guidelines issued by the CDC and must bake the cakes in a safe environment.
  • If you’re stuck at somewhere and spending time alone away from your families and friends, celebrate your big day virtually with your closed ones by ordering your favourite cakes and desserts. If you're planning to deliver a token of love to someone who is far away from you, then ordering food, Christmas logs and desserts online is an excellent idea.
  • Whether you want to surprise your family, pamper yourself or invite your friends to taste delicious desserts, you can celebrate Christmas over video-calls and order delicious cakes and pastries online, right to the door.

However, there are too many traditional cakes to choose from during holiday seasons, but people often crave for macarons and cookies. You can also order a box of 12 or 24 macarons to your clients, friends, families or relatives. If you are looking for a gift pack for chocolate lovers, Tarte Chocolat or Flan Chocolat is a great option to buy online. For those who are looking for a healthy festive treat online, you can order Tarte au Citron Meringuée. Find a reliable French Patisserie to order a wide range of Christmas log, desserts, savoury pastry, macarons, and other confectionery items at great prices.