Want to order a cake? Cakes are always appreciated while it comes to celebrating any special occasion and it has become a trend to cut cake on every celebration such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, or on success-party.

When you order a cake online, we will see endless options of cakes. Make sure that you have chosen the cake flavor wisely. It might be that you have tried different cake flavors, some of them will also be French cakes. French pastries and desserts are truly world-class and have been refined over hundreds of years. One of the key cultural legacies of France, is it’s the mouth-watering desserts that are ideal for bringing home as souvenirs or gifts to family and friends. If you haven’t tried any French cakes or pastries, then have a look on some delicious French cakes and pastrie you must try once in your life.

1. Caramelo Cake
For your best friend or close relative- nothing can be better than caramelo cake. This cake invites you to the pleasures of autumn with its sweetness, softness, and fragrance that will bring an unforgettable taste to your mouth.

A melting chocolate cookie, topped with soft Bavarian caramel cream, topped with an almond and pear roasted caramel dacquoise cookie. A fine cookie, chocolate feathers, caramel icing and crispy meringues will decorate this magnificent dessert.

The top is melted chocolate biscuit, topped with Bavarian caramel cream, and caramel biscuit baked with almonds and pears. Exquisite biscuits, chocolate feathers, caramel glaze and crunchy meringues will decorate this magnificent dessert.

2. Strawberry Charlotte Cake
Some people believe that strawberry charlotte cake is the most loved wedding cake. But, it's not true! You can too order it for birthday, too. The fresh strawberry, the delicate strawberry bavarian cream and the homemade Ladyfinger Biscuits create a super light and creamy delicious summer dessert the whole family will love. The taste of strawberry charlotte is fantastic and tasty, that you won't stop licking your finger.

3. Le Paradis Cake
Are you a chocolate lover? Le Paradis cake is made for chocolate lovers like you. When the power of a grand cru chocolate meets the silkiness, it is the great French pastry that expresses itself in the mouth.

Enjoy the real chocolate experience, combining the finesse of chocolate and smoothness on melting cookies and double chocolate macaroons. You can say it is an absolutely delish cake which has the perfect crumb, texture, and chocolaty flavored.

4. Le Framboisier Cake
Want cake like a fruity treat! Le Framboisier is a creamy French raspberry cake, layers of biscuit almond with the freshness of a mousseline of lime and raspberry. A fine, delicate raspberry jelly will come to highlights the soft aroma of sun-drenched fruits. Perfect cake for the amateurs of dessert with sour fruits!

5. Paris-Brest Cake
Paris–Brest is a French dessert, made of choux pastry filled with a homemade hazelnut and praline cream, topped with flaked almonds. The shape of this cake is round, in the form of a wheel. You will found this dessert in pâtisseries all over France. You must try this cake!

6. Tarte Chocolat Cake
Another chocolate French dessert, that is superb delicious and delightful. On a crispy sweet pastry filled with creamy, topped with chocolate and topped with an intensely rich chocolaty ganache. Ideal for chocolate lovers and can be served with tea, coffee or a glass of Maury wine.

7. Lemon Cake
Melting cake with almonds, lemon juice to the cake batter topped with a lightly sweetened lemon cream. It is a sweet and buttery cake with a moist yet dense texture, ideal for afternoon teas or snacks.

8. Macarons
The colorful macarons are among the most liked desserts of France. Although macarons are originally produced in Italy first, they are undoubtedly considered as the best French desserts since their introduction in the early 16th century. Macarons are a sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, buttercream, ganache, chocolate, and food coloring. They are best for gifting and sharing with friends and close one. You can buy a box of different macarons from any online cake stores.

9. Tourte de Pomme de Terre
"Potato cake" or "Potato Pie" is a specialty from the center of France. Delicious and rich, puffy pastry topped with fresh cream potato and herbs, this pie is suitable for a starter or a main course.