While the COVID-19 outbreak has brought a lot of doom and gloom, it is best to follow stay-at-home orders to ensure life continues as smoothly as possible. Even during these tough times, every meal seems incomplete without a dessert. Isn’t it? So why don’t you order a sweet box of macarons, pastries, and cakes online and enjoy it in the safety of your home?

You shouldn’t miss any chance to celebrate ‘milestones at home’ even in these difficult times and end your meals with really unique dessert options. It is still possible to delight yourself or your loved ones with tasty dessert options without stepping outside your home, all thanks to the online delivery process.

The finest chef Christian Faure launched a 100% online French pastry shop Ofauria in Montreal, delivering a wide selection of items like macarons, pastries, and cakes to its surrounding areas, with a secure and fast delivery process.

Online Ordering Process – The Birth of New Normal
The traditional methods of the eateries have been replaced with a pleasurable experience of home delivery. Even though the large gatherings are restricted and travel is prohibited, people still deserve to take a day off from their busy, stressful life and take a delicious gastronomy experience in the comfort of their home.

Since safety and personal hygiene has become the biggest concern nowadays, it is best to contribute to the efforts of creating a safer environment by ordering online via a contactless delivery option. Even during these times, we continue to take meals at least three times a day, so it would be amazing to satisfy your sweet tooth with rich-flavoured desserts.

Chef Christian Faure – Uplifting Everyone’s Spirit with Handcrafted Desserts
Customer habits and demands tend to change, but there is always room for the finest cuisine, and that’s what our fine chef Christian Faure at Ofauria believes. For his part in these tough times, he has changed his dining trends and keeping up with all the safety measures to deliver excellence through food.

Many people might be missing their travel to their favourite eateries lately, and in this regard, Chef Christian Faure is preparing lip-smacking pastries, cakes, and macarons with the freshest ingredients and great flavour combinations to let people enjoy the same quality of food in their home. The choice of flavours, texture, and ingredients reflects his vast experience and knowledge in the bakery business in itself.

Whatever the Occasion, Order Tasty Desserts Online to Ensure Safety
Whether it is your birthday coming up or you know someone badly stuck at home, online ordering is the best way to treat yourself and your loved ones with love and affection. If you’re considering adopting a new way of living, it will be just as seamless to order savoury pastries, cakes, and a box of macarons online from Ofauria.
If you ask us, the best gifts are edible. And there is nobody who may reject a person platter stacked full of sweet macarons or better yet, a slice of cake, baked and frosted with perfection. So it’s time to brighten up your mood and celebrate life moments in a unique style with our chef’s favourite desserts.