Holidays are full of traditions and that part makes any festival special. The upcoming Easter 2021 holiday season will obviously be different from past Easter festivities. The Centers for Disease Control (CDCs) strongly advises people not to travel unless it is very needful. The Corona pandemic is still not over. Public health experts say that the safest and most prudent way to celebrate holidays this year is to stay at home.

However, separation from your close-ones is so difficult. People are looking for all sorts of ways to connect, celebrate and reflect. There will be many dinners over video calls, and some people will organize small gatherings outdoors. While celebrating Easter you go for traditional customs; however being socially distant is the norm for the now. And while you will still want to make the most of this festive season, why not bring a little twist and have some good treat for yourself and your family and partner. Your holidays will be merrier when you serve any French desserts and pastries to complete a delicious holiday meal. As we all know how risky it is to get out during this COVID-19 pandemic; you don't have to visit different cake stores to buy cakes, pastries, and other confectionery items. Technology has made everything easier, and with just one click your cake delivery will be at your doorstep in minimal time.

Want to order a French cake or pastry, or gift a cake to someone? Look for reliable online patisseries stores that have a collection of pastries, macarons, and delicious cakes that's perfect for gift-giving and ordering for your evening meal.

Here, We have listed few Classic French Cakes and Pastries you can order on any festive holiday:

1. Delicious Macarons

French macarons almost define holiday pleasure. These ethereal meringue cookies sandwich are made from egg whites, chocolate, powdered sugar, cream and butter. Adding food coloring can transform the meringue-based dessert into a soft or bright color, usually but not always mimics the flavor of the filling, and makes it particularly attractive when packaged in a transparent container.


There is no better sweet way to celebrate a festive time with delicious macarons. Look for a reliable online French bakery store that has a delicious range of macarons. You can order online with 12 or 24 boxes of macarons. Ordering a box full of macarons will definitely take your love for the sweet treat to a whole new level.

2. Tarte au Citron Meringuée

Tarte au Citron Meringuée is a type of cake or dessert pie made from crispy shortened pastry base filled with almond cream, lemon cream, basil cream and topped with Italian honey meringue. This tangy and sweet dessert is a perfect balance of lemon and basil flavors. A classic dessert decorated with an elegant touch of basil.

Tarte au Citron Meringuée

3. Tourte de Pomme de Terre

"Potato cake" or "Potato Pie" is a specialty from the center of France. Delicious and rich, puffy pastry topped with fresh cream potato and herbs, this pie is suitable for a starter or a main course.

Tourte de Pomme de Terre

4. Quiche Lorraine

Quiche is a French-style savory tart made from crispy pie filled with savory custard, topped with cheese, fresh cream, meat, seafood or vegetables. The best-known variant is quiche Lorraine, which includes ham or bacon. This tasty savory tart can be served either hot or cold. You can order it for your starter or a main course.

Quiche Lorraine

5. Éclairs

An éclair is a pastry with choux dough filled with vanilla meringue cream and coated with chocolate. The dough, which is the same as the dough of the puff, is usually shaped into an oblong shape with a pastry bag, and then baked until it is crispy and hollow inside. Make this treat using super simple choux pastry dough for a base and you can find it easily with a patisserie. This chocolate éclair pastry is delicious, easy to make, and attractive.


So ready to add touch of sweetness to your festive treat this Easter season? Pick a classic French dessert and indulge in a bite of flavorsome goodness.