Aren’t the holiday’s seasons the most wonderful time of the year?? And not just a holiday, special occasions like birthday or anniversary or any other special function is something we lounge for to celebrate. Any occasion or event dinner or meal is incomplete without the mouth-watering desserts that come at the end of it. You can order desserts, cakes, and such treats to celebrate your event and occasion. You can serve any type of cakes or desserts to top off your delicious meal.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended people not to organize large holiday parties this year, like they usually do, in the hopes of limiting the spread of infectious coronavirus. As disappointing as that may be to hear, it doesn't mean that you and your family can't have plenty of fun together. People start planning and looking for all sorts of ways to celebrate their event or occasion, and this time around have to keep in mind all the safety guidelines. It will be better to stay at home during this pandemic. You can organize dinner parties over video calls or can throw a party with a limited number of people. But don't forget to add desserts, cakes and other confectionery to your party. Indulging in cakes, candies, macarons and other desserts is an important and not-to-miss part of any celebration.

The fond memories of childhood, the happy teenage years and the fun and laughter enveloping any event is something always intertwined with the sweetness of the cake. However, those days are gone when we visit various stores to buy cakes. Nowadays, people choose to buy cakes online as with the technology advancement it is now possible to order these from the comfort of your home. The options here are endless. You can choose any French desserts, or choose designer cakes to send as a gift to someone. And a box full of macarons is something you can’t avoid, as long as it melts in your mouth while creating a delicious and tempting delicacy.

Here, we have listed few French desserts and cakes you must love and can order for your party:

1. Tarte Chocolat

If you're fond of chocolate then this pastry is ideal for you and your family. This chocolat tart is made from a crust of sweet pastry added with chocolate and topped with an intensely chocolaty ganache. You can buy this chocolate gourmet tart at any French bakery store.

Tarte Chocolat

2. Lemon Cake

Melting cake with almonds and lemon zest topped with a lightly sweetened lemon cream. Ideal for an "afternoon tea" or a gourmet snack. 6 to 8 persons. If you’re in French, then you must explore this Lemon Cake.

Lemon Cake

3. Flan Chocolat

Are you a chocolate lover? You can order Flan Chocolat cake or pastry that is baked on a puff pastry topped with a cooked egg cream flavored with chocolate and cocoa. This French cake is garnished with chocolate that will bring you a hot chocolate fragrance and a soft texture.

Flan Chocolat

The list of French cakes or desserts will never end. Want to order French cake or desserts for your event or celebration? Look for a reliable online French cake store to buy or gift cakes to your loved ones. If you do not want to take any risk to step out of your house due to COVID-19 pan then you can rely on a good online cake delivery store. One of major benefits of online gifting is that even if you have to send someone a gift at the last minute, you can choose to send cakes from any reliable online cake stores and they will deliver it to the destination at midnight or for same day delivery.

Make sure you choose a reliable and trusted online bakery store to calm your security concerns. Do not order from store that does not follow safety criteria during this coronavirus pandemic. Look at the set of guidelines on their website, the measures they have taken to ensure hygiene during the pandemic.