With Covid-19 gripping the entire world, stepping outside still seems a bit of risk, avoiding which is rightfully the best step for anyone. However, staying away from your favorite treat or sweet indulgence is something that can be pretty hard for anyone.

So, what’s the solution for that? Order online and whip up the lip-smacking sweet treats with your family and friends while you self-isolate at home.

Is there a birthday, anniversary or any other celebratory occasion coming up? Without a sumptuous dessert treat no occasion can feel to be complete. So, why not bring the best from the world of French patisserie to your home – macarons.

What are Macarons?
From the world of French sweet offering, macarons are delicate cookies that are soft on the inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside. Having a chewy, nougat like texture, these cookies can be filled with anything, like lemon curd, chocolate ganache, salted caramel, almond, vanilla and much more.

A perfect bite-sized snack, macarons make up as the best sweet snack for any occasion or any time of the day. Whether you like to munch on these for your sweet fix in the middle of the day, or want to have the pleasant sweet offering to your kid’s friends on his/her birthday celebration, the meringue-like, airy, light and beautiful French macarons are perfect to fulfill your sweet cravings.

What Makes French Macarons So Special Than Other Sweet Options?
If you are asking – ‘What is so special about macarons?’ that makes it different, then it can be summed up in a straight way – taste, texture, form and the pleasant experience you get.

  • Taste – The contrasting filling taste makes the indulging experience even more delicious. For example a rich nuttiness flavored shell combined with a delicate flavor filling makes each one distinct, resulting in a dynamic taste sensation, something which you won’t experience in other cookies. And the fact that you can have multiple flavor combinations makes it all the more tempting.
  • Texture- Chewy and moist on the inside, dry and firm on the outside. Bakes texture of the shell combined with rich and smooth fillings on the inside. It gives you an accent bringing all the elements combined. Do you find this in any other cookie option?
  • Form – While many wouldn’t think about that much about the appearance, but just consider the smooth top, lacy delicate fringe running around the edges, and you have something that speaks of elegance, you won’t be able to say no to it.
  • Surprise Factor – And lastly, it is the surprise factor of, especially the taste that makes trying out French macarons a must-have for anyone. When you know that so much can be packed inside a small cookie in terms of flavor and intense taste, the tempting only increases.

Why Step Outside When Can Have the handcrafted Macarons Flavors Delivered Right at Your Door?
Yes, trying out French macarons means not one, but ordering different flavors all at once. And in present times when going out can be risky, it feels to be great knowing that you can order the finest of the French macarons in different flavors from Ofauria.

Whether you have an occasion coming up, or craving for something pleasantry extraordinary, order 12 Macaron Box that includes different, rich and intense flavor options – delivered right at your door at most by the next day.